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IAU Symposium 290

FEEDING COMPACT OBJECTS: Accretion on All Scales

20 - 24 August 2012, Beijing, China

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Proceedings and Author Instructions

Dear Contributor,
The IAU Symposium 290 will have proceedings published by Cambridge University Press. The deadline for submission is 2012 OCTOBER 15.

The page limits are:
Invited talk 8 pages.
Contributed talk 4 pages.
Poster 2 pages.

Proceedings and Author Instructions

1) You should use the style-files provided by the IAU Publisher: Cambridge University Press. The sample files can be downloaded ( file package).

2) Color images will be reproduced in color in the online proceedings. However they will be printed in black + white in the printed version unless the author agrees to pay a cost of 500 pounds (GBP) for each page that requires color. Please provide a billing address where an invoice can be sent if requesting color printing on submission of your manuscript. Alternatively, please ensure that any color images will display satisfactorily when printed in black + white.

3) Abbreviations to be used in references can be found at http://www.iau.org/science/ publications/proceedings_rules/abbreviations/. An "IAU Style Manual" can be accessed from http://www.iau.org/science/publications/proceedings_rules/ which contains further information on formatting and presentation of your manuscript (IAU Style Manual, GA Wilkins, Commission 5, IAU Transaction XXB, 1989). Also available from this URL is another pdf file containing instructions for authors, including a list of journal abbreviations to be used.

4) Please email one compressed tar file (e.g. "authorname.tar or zip"), which includes the pdf of your manuscript, tex file + figures, using the naming convention "authorname.tex", "authorname_fig1.eps", etc. To avoid a confusion, the authorname should be family name and first name initial, e.g. Robert Williams >> williamsr.tar ( williamsr.tex, .... ).

5) Please complete a copyright form in the online version available at http://www.iau.org/science/publications/copyrightform/.

6) Send the manuscript to iaus290@bao.ac.cn, before October 15, 2012; While sending your files, add a subject to identify your submission

7) The main author of the poster must have attended IAUS290 and paid the registration fee.

Contact IAU Symposium 290: iaus290@bao.ac.cn