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IAU Symposium 290

FEEDING COMPACT OBJECTS: Accretion on All Scales

20 - 24 August 2012, Beijing, China

Scientific Programme

Session 1: Monday Morning, 10:30-12:30, August 20;

(Chair: Guenther Hasinger)
10:30 Tomaso Belloni
Shuang-Nan Zhang
Opening Remarks & Welcome Address
10:40 Invited Ramesh Narayan Black Hole Spin, Accretion and Jets
11:10 Felix Mirabel Stellar Black Holes at the Dawn of the Universe
11:30 Invited Ronald Taam The Formation and Evolution of Millisecond Pulsars in Binary Systems
12:00 Invited Christian Knigge Cataclysmic Variables: Accretion, Outflows and Evolution
12:30 Lunch

Session 2: Monday Afternoon, 14:00-15:30, August 20;

(Chair: Edward van den Heuvel)
14:00 Invited Cole Miller Constraining neutron star masses and radii with thermonuclear X-ray bursts
14:30 Thomas Tauris On the connection between accreting X-ray and radio millisecond pulsars
14:45 Michal Bejger Formation of millisecond pulsars - magnetic torque, initial NS mass and EOS
15:00 Xiangdong Li Feeding Neutron Stars in High-Mass X-ray Binaries
15:15 Gagik Tovmasian IA UNAM Accretion disks of bounce back cataclysmic variables
15:30 Break

Session 3: Monday Afternoon, 16:00-18:00, August 20;

(Chair: Brian Warner)
16:00 Paul Mason High Speed Optical Photometry of LMXBs and CVs
16:20 Valerio Ribeiro The expansion of the nebular remnant of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi
16:40 Zhanwen Han The white dwarf accretion and type Ia supernovae
17:00 D. W. Hoard Degenerate with Dusty Disk: White Dwarf and Cataclysmic Variable in Infrared
17:20 Ulf Torkelsson The submillimeter properties of AE Aqr
17:40 Edward van den Heuvel
Brian Warner
Summary Mini-workshop + Poster Introduction

Free Reception of Symposium 290, family members welcome also; 18:30-21:30pm, August 20;
At North Canteen of National Astronomical Observatories, north-west of IAUGA site, 10min walk distance


Session 4: Tuesday Morning, 10:30-12:30, August 21;
Multi-wavelength Coverage from Radio to Gamma Rays

(Chair: Chryssa Kouveliotou)
10:30 Invited AnnaLisa Celotti Multi-wavelength observations of AGN: some inferences
11:00 Nathalie Degenaar Seven years of nearly-daily observations of Sgr A* with Swift
11:15 Meng Su Fermi Bubbles and Its Implications to the Accretion History of Sgr A
11:30 Juri Poutanen On the location of the gamma-ray emission in blazars
11:45 Ping Zhao Chandra Multi-wavelength Plane Survey
12:00 Sheperd Doeleman Observing Black Holes on Schwarzschild Radius Scales with the Event Horizon Telescope
12:15 Roman Shcherbakov Feeding and small-scale feedback in Low-Luminosity AGNs
12:30 Lunch

Plenary Session: Wednesday Morning, 08:30-10:00, August 22

(Chair: Ramesh Narayan)
08:30 Invited Andrew Fabian Probing General Relativity using Accreting Black Holes
10:00 Break

Session 5: Wednesday Morning, 10:30-12:30, August 22;
Accretion-ejection connection - Jets and outflows

(Chair: Felix Mirabel)
10:30 Invited Sera Markoff David vs. Goliath: exploiting the black hole mass scale to constrain inflow/outflow connections
11:00 Invited Stephane Corbel Accretion-ejection connection in accreting black holes
11:30 Giovanni Fossati Strong and weak jets and a paradigm shift in the unification of radio-loud AGNs
11:50 Julien Malzac The emission of compact jets powered by internal shocks
12:10 Raffaella Morganti Radio jets and outflows of cold gas
12:30 Lunch

Session 6: Wednesday Afternoon, 14:00-15:30, August 22;
Probing General Relativity through Accreting Systems

(Chair: Wlodek Kluzniak)
14:00 Invited Shuang-Nan Zhang Identifying astrophysical black holes within the context of Einstein's general relativity
14:30 Stefanie Komossa A New Probe of Black Holes and Their Environments
14:50 Roberto Soria Mysteries of the intermediate-mass BH candidate HLX1
15:10 Sergei Fabrika Subaru spectroscopy of optical counterparts of ultraluminous X-ray sources
15:30 Break

Session 7: Wednesday Afternoon, 16:00-18:00, August 22;
Accretion-ejection Connection - Jets and outflows

(Chair: *Jean-Pierre Lasota)
16:00 Heino Falcke Accretion and outflow in local universe C first results from LOFAR
16:20 Jelle Kaastra Accretion and outflow of gas in Markarian 509
16:40 Peter Kretschmar Understanding the Last Mile - Physics of the Accretion Column
17:00 Zhiyuan Li The Murmur Of the Hidden Monster: Variability and Accretion Of Black Hole In M31
17:20 Xuebing Wu Outflows from Accretion Disks around Compact Objects
17:40 Felix Mirabel
Jean-Pierre Lasota
Summary Mini-workshop + Poster Introduction

Plenary Session of IAUS291: Thursday Morning, 08:30-10:00, August 23

10:00 Break

Session 8: Thursday Morning, 10:30-12:30, August 23;
Time variability across the electromagnetic spectrum

(Chair: Ali Alpar)
10:30 Invited Mariano Mendez Kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations in accreting neutron-star systems
11:00 Invited Deepto Chakrabarty Accreting Millisecond Pulsars
11:30 Nikolaos Kylafis Interpretation of the hardness - intensity diagram in black-hole X-ray transients
11:45 Luciano Burderi Finding order in the chaos: coherent timing of accreting millisecond pulsars
12:00 Dong Lai Excitations of Global Oscillations in BH Accretion Disks and High-Frequency QPOs
12:15 Maria Caballero-Garcia Black Holes in Ultra-Luminous X-ray sources: X-ray Timing versus Spectroscopy
12:30 Lunch

Session 9: Thursday, 14:00-15:30, August 23;
Large Scale Properties of Accretion - Unified Models

(Chair: Bozena Czerny)
14:00 Invited Marek Abramowicz On the accretion disk of Thin, Thick, Slim and ADAF
14:30 Maria Diaz Trigo Variability of disc winds in X-ray binaries
14:50 Feng Yuan Outflow from hot accretion flows
15:10 Jerome Guilet Transport of magnetic flux and vertical structure of accretion discs
15:30 Break

Session 10: Thursday, 16:00-18:00, August 23;
Large Scale Properties of Accretion - Unified Models

(Chair: Andrew Fabian)
16:00 Invited Sebastian Heinz From small to big: Scaling models and unification among accreting compact objects
16:30 Wlodek Kluzniak Coronal response to varying central luminosity
16:50 Alexandra Veledina Hot accretion in X-ray binaries: spectra and variability
17:10 Bifang Liu Coupling of the accretion disk and corona around black holes
17:25 Paulina Lira Accretion disks in the near-IR
17:40 Ramesh Narayan
Marek Abramowicz
Summary Mini-workshop + Poster Introduction

Session 11: Friday, 08:30-10:00, August 24;
Magnetic environments around compact objects

(Chair: Roger Blandford)
08:30 Invited Chryssa Kouveliotou Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of the environment of the magnetar Swift J1834.9-0846
09:00 Invited Ali Alpar On the magnetic environments of compact objects
09:30 Invited Ryoji Matsumoto Global Simulations of Magnetic Environments around Compact Objects
10:00 Break

Session 12: Friday Morning, 10:30-12:30, August 24;
Multi-wavelength coverage from radio to gamma rays

(Chair: Dipankar Bhattacharya)
10:30 Vincenzo Mainieri Fe K emission from active galaxies beyond redshift z~1
10:45 Jorge Cuadra On the origin of the infalling gas cloud in the Galactic Centre
11:00 Omaira Gonzalez-Martin X-ray variability of 104 AGNs. XMM-Newton power-spectrum density profiles
11:15 Doron Chelouche Black Hole Mass Measurements in the Era of Large Surveys
11:30 Denis Leahy Accretion disk and stream origin of the dip phenomenon in Hercules X-1
11:45 Lorena Hernandez X-ray Variability in LINERs
12:00 Bozena Czerny Dusty origin of the Broad Line Region in active galaxies
12:15 Enwei Liang Duration Distribution of Fermi/GBM Gamma-Ray Bursts
12:30 Lunch

Session 13: Friday Afternoon, 14:00-15:30, August 24;
Multi-wavelength coverage from radio to gamma rays

(Chair: Don Melrose)
14:00 Marion Cadolle Bel Overview of an extensive multi-wavelength study of GX 339-4 during its 2010 outburst
14:20 Lennart van Haaften The evolution of ultracompact X-ray binaries
14:40 TBD Summary Mini-workshop + Poster Introduction
15:30 Break

Session 14: Friday Afternoon, 16:00-18:00, August 24;
Instrumentation of next decade

(Chair: Deepto Chakrabarty)
16:00 Invited Kirpal Nandra Understanding accretion with the next generation of X-ray observatories
16:30 Invited Dipankar Bhattacharya The Astrosat Mission
17:00 Invited Tomaso Belloni The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT)
17:30 Chryssa Kouveliotou
Kirpal Nandra
Summary Mini-workshop + Poster Introduction
17:50 Mariano Mendez
Chengmin Zhang
Symposium Summary & Farewell

Poster Presentations
Brian Warner, Patrick Woudt; High Speed Photometry of faint Cataclysmic Variables
Daeseong Park, Jong-Hak Woo; Uncertainties of Single-Epoch Virial Black Hole Masses
Martin Pessah, Chi-kwan Chan; On Hydromagnetic Stresses in Accretion Disk Boundary Layers
Amin Mosallanezhad, Shahram Abbassi; Viscous-Resistive ADAF with a general Large-Scale Magnetic Field
Rongfeng Shen; The Precession of Accretion Disk in A Tidal Disruption Event
Jing Wang; Retrograde wind accretion
Natalia Virnina, Ivan Andronov; Direct Impactors C a New Class of Accreting Binaries
Shahram Abbassi, Erfan Nourbakhsh; The viscous accretion of a polytropic self-gravitating disk in the presence of wind
Ritabrata biswas; Density profiles for Chaplygin gas accretion upon black holes: Moderately differentiated minima in wind branch.
Michele M. Montgomery; Accretion Effects on Disks Around Non-Magnetic Compact Objects
XinLin Zhou, Yong-Heng Zhao; Ionization structure and Fe K energy for irradiated accretion discs
Zdenek Stuchlik, Jan Schee; Observational phenomena related to primordial Kerr superspinars
Juan Antonio Fernandez Ontiveros, M. Almudena Prieto; The nature of the IR emission in LLAGNs at parsec scales: does the jet dominate at low luminosities?
Charles Steinhardt, John Silverman; Anomalous H$\beta$ Quasars
George Younes, Delphine Porquet; Multiwavelength analysis as a probe of accretion and radiative processes in low luminosity AGN
Youjun Lu; Physical modeling of QSOs: luminosity function, Eddington ratio distribution, mass function of active massive black holes, and clustering of QSOs
Manolis Rovilos, Andrea Comastri; Ultra-deep XMM-Newton and Herschel observations reveal an AGN/starburst connection
Isabelle Gavignaud, Dominique Sluse; The weak emission line quasar HE0141-3932
Allan Schnorr Muller, Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann; Resolved Gas Inflows in the Inner Hundreds of Parsecs in Nearby Active Galaxies
Qingjuan Yu; A phenomenological model of dual AGNs
Nikolay Shakura, Pavel Abolmasov; Microlensing evidence for super-Eddington disk accretion in quasars
Dawei Xu; Statistical study of a sample of active galactic nuclei with low-mass black holes and high accretion rates
Fabrizio Fiore; Are AGN outflows globally effective in quenching host galaxy starformation?
Angela Bongiorno; Feeding SMBHs in galaxy nuclei: preconditions and effects
Luis Henrique Sinki Kadowaki, Elisabete Maria de Gouveia Dal Pino; The role of magnetic reconnection in accretion disk systems: From YSOs to AGNs
David Floyd; Quasar structure through microlensing
Minfeng Gu; The optical variability of radio-loud quasars
Patricia Arevalo; Accretion disc variability in AGN and X-ray binaries
Y.L. Ai, W.M. Yuan; Dependence of the Optical/Ultraviolet Variability on the Emission-line Properties and Eddington Ratio in Active Galactic Nuclei
Yuan Liu, Jin Zhang; Formation of Dusty Tori in AGNs and the Origin of Weak Emission-Line AGNs
Jin Zhang; Radiation Mechanisms and Physical Properties of GeV-TeV BL Lac Objects
Fupeng Zhang, Youjun Lu; Hypervelocity stars and S-stars: tow aspects of the binary disruption in our Galactic Center
Norayr Asatryan; Hour-timescale profile variations in the broad Balmer lines of the Seyfert galaxy Markarian 6
Francisco Mueller-Sanchez, Richard Davies; The discovery of nuclear spirals feeding the nuclei of elliptical galaxies
Bozena Czerny, Krzysztof Hryniewicz; Dusty origin of the Broad Line Region in active galaxies
Sugata Kaviraj, Stanislav Shabala, A simple empirical model for AGN feedback in nearby early-type galaxies
Kenta Matsuoka, Tohru Nagao; The AGN-Starburst Connection traced by Nitrogen Abundance
Gleb Smirnov, Victor Vakulik; Accretion disk and extended structure of a quasar in gravitational lens Q2237+0305 (the Einstein Cross)
Wodzimierz Godowski; The investigations of the Autocorrelation Function for Radio Galaxies
Salome Dibi; GRMHD simulations of accretion onto Sgr A*: How important are radiative losses?
Mirjana Povic; AGN-Host Galaxy Connection: multiwavelength study
Chang-shuo Yan, Youjun Lu; Can we use microlensing to probe the sub-pc binary QSOs and binary black holes?
Wenwen Zuo, Xue-Bing Wu; "The correlations between optical variability and physical parameters of quasars in SDSS Stripe 82"
Nelson Padilla, Claudia Lagos; Stellar Disc-Active Nucleus Alignments in the SDSS
Alexander Kolodzig AGN in the eRosita All-Sky survey: Statistics and correlation properties
Lisa Zimmermann, Maria Massi, A precessing jet in the gamma-ray binary LS I +61303
Junfeng Wang; Feeding and Feedback in Accreting Supermassive Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies
Dragana Ilic, Luka C. Popovic; Line emission from the AGN 3c390.3: complex broad-line region and shifting accretion disk
Yu-Zhong Wu, Shuang-Nan Zhang; Using NII metallicities to investigate the evolution in active galactic nuclei
Sean Farrell, Natalie Webb; Do Intermediate Mass Black Holes Exist? The Case of ESO 243-49 HLX-1
Pedro Montero; Gravitational waves from the Papaloizou-Pringle instability in black hole-torus systems
Lifang Li; The Evolution of Cataclysmic Variables
Fukun Liu; Stellar tidal disruption and transient accretion of supermassive binary black holes
Kiki Vierdayanti, Putra Mahasena; Characteristics of a Long State A of GRS 1915+105 and Its Application for Black Hole Spin Estimation
Alexander Zakharov; Shadows as a tool to evaluate black hole parameters and a dimension of spacetime
Daeseong Park, Jong-Hak Woo; Uncertainties of Single-Epoch Virial Black Hole Masses
Carolina Pepe, Leonardo J. Pellizza; Intermediate mass black holes in the Milky Way: Where to find them?
Erlin Qiao, The emission from an inner disk and a corona in the low/hard state of black hole X-ray binaries
Yan-Fei Jiang, James Stone, Non-linear Saturation of MRI in radiation dominated black hole accretion disk
Mahboobeh Shaghaghian, Stationary Axisymmetric Configuration of the Thick Accretion Tori around a Schwarzschild Black Hole
Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov, Energy extraction and particle acceleration around a rotating black hole in Horava-Lifshitz gravity
Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov, Test particle motion around a black hole in a braneworld
Rodrigo Nemmen; Unifying Black Hole Jets: The Connection between AGNs and Gammaray Bursts
Xiang-Gao Wang, En-Wei Liang; Luminosity Functions of Optical Emission Components from Gamma-Ray Bursts
Yong Feng Huang; Measuring the beaming angle of gamma-ray bursts by fitting the rebrightenings in afterglows
En-Wei Liang; Optical Emission Components in Gamma-Ray Burst Phenomenon
Jing Lv, Yuan-Chuan Zou; Lorentz Factor-Isotropic Luminosity/Energy Correlations of GRBs
Yun-Wei Yu, Zhu Mao, Quan Cheng; Millisecond magnetars and Gamma-ray burst afterglows
Francesco Di Mille; Integral Field Spectroscopy of nearby AGN
Jens Zuther, Monica Valencia-S; IRAS 01072+4954: A true Seyfert 2 or narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxy? Zooming into the nucleus with near-IR integral field spectroscopy
Shahram Abbassi, Maryam Ghasemnezhad; Self-similar structure and observational appearance of a hot magnetized flow with thermal conduction
Zhiyuan Li, Mark Morris, Frederick K. Baganoff; New Morphological Evidence for a Jet from Sagittarius A*: Interaction with Local Gas
Hiroshi Imai; Water Fountains: bipolar fast stellar jets traced by water vapor maser emission
Rodolfo Angeloni, Francesco Di Mille; The giant bipolar jet from the enigmatic Sanduleak's star
Shuang-Liang Li, Xinwu Cao; Constraints on jet formation mechanisms with the most energetic giant outbursts in MS 0735+7421
Kiran BALIYAN, Sunil Chandra; Jet emission and variability in blazars
Qingwen Wu; The dependence of jet/outflow formation on the black hole spin and accretion mode
Zdenek Stuchlik, Andrea Kotrlova; Resonant switch model of twin peak HF QPOs applied in the source 4U 1636-53
Gabriel Torok, Pavel Bakala; Neutron Stars Properties Implied by Models of Twin-Peak QPOs
Pavel Bakala, Martin Urbanec; On magnetic-field-induced corrections to the orbital and epicyclic frequencies in vicinity of slowly rotating magnetized neutron stars
Tiziana Di Salvo, Rosario Iaria; Broad Iron Lines in Neutron Star Low Mass X-ray Binaries
Yu-Peng Chen, Shu Zhang; The type-I X-ray bursts as a diagnostic of the corona in the X-ray binaries
German Lugones, Gustavo Cipolat Colvero; Quark matter conversion triggered by accretion
Elise Egron, Tiziana Di Salvo; Self-consistent study of the reflection component in 4U 1705-44 with XMM-Newton, BeppoSAX and RXTE in the hard and soft state
Lidia Oskinova, Achim Feldmeier; Wind accretion in high-mass X-ray binaries (HMXBs)
Andrea Sanna; The time derivative of the kilohertz QPOs in the neutron star system 4U 1636-53
Debora Menezes; Strong magnetic fields: the QCD phase transition and magnetars
Jian Li, Diego F. Torres; Unveiling the super-orbital modulation of LS I +61 303 in X-rays
Guoqiang Ding, Shuangnan Zhang; ON THE NATURE OF THE FIRST TRANSIENT Z SOURCE XTE J1701?462
Yi Xie, Zhang Shuangnan; Progenitors of Magnetars and Hyperaccreting Magnetized Disks and Central Engines of GRBs
Sergey Tsygankov; Power spectra of transient X-ray pulsars: estimation of the neutron stars magnetic field
Osamu Nishimura; Changes in Cyclotron line energy with luminosity in Accreting X-ray pulsars
Hongxing Yin; The correlations between the spin frequencies and kHz QPOs in neutron star LMXBs
Sushan Konar, Dipankar Bhattacharya; The AMXP-MSRP Connection
Ernazar Abdikamalov, Bobomurat AHMEDOV; The magnetosphere of oscillating neutron stars in general relativity
Jingzhi Yan, Hui Li; Multi-wavelength Studies of Be/X-ray Binaries
Ali Taani, Chengmin Zhang; Evolution of Accreting Binary Sysytems in the Spin-up line
Guy S. Stringfellow; The Symbiotic Star CH Cygni and its Jets
Dengkai Jiang; The lifetime of contact binaries
Giacomo Beccari, Guido De Marchil H-alpha photometry of low mass stars in 47 Tucanae: chromospheric activity and exotica
Samia Drappeau, Sera Markoff; New predictions for X-ray binaries as Galactic gamma-ray and cosmicray sources
Monica Orienti, Daniele Dallacasa; Young radio sources and the duty-cycle of the radio emission
Natalia Ivanova, Konstantin Pavlovskii; Mass loss response in red giants
Xuening Bai, James Stone; Magnetorotational Instability in the Presence of a Significant Vertical Field
Jinzhong Liu; How Many Gravitational Wave Sources Can We Explore in the Galaxy
Oleg Kirillov, Frank Stefani; On the WKB threshold of magnetorotational instability in axial and helical magnetic fields
Bo Wang, Zhanwen Han; Progenitors of type Ia supernovae and their surviving companion stars
Rasmus Voss, Christian Knigge; Mass transfer variability and the mass growth of white dwarfs
Dmitry Bisikalo, Andrey Zhilkin; Accretion processes in intermediate polars
Areg Mickaelian, Parandzem Sinamyan; The sample of FBS cataclysmic variables
Jing Lv, Yuan-Chuan Zou; Extend the Correlation of $L_R~L_X$ to Gamma Ray Bursts
Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska, Krzysztof Katarzynski; Jet-linked X-ray emission in radio-loud broad absorption line (BAL) quasars
Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska, Agnieszka Janiuk; Disturbed radio and optical morphology in an interacting galaxy pairs
Zhaoyu Zuo, Xiangdong Li; Simulating the X-ray evolution of late-type galaxies with evolutionary population synthesis
Sharam Abbassi, Amin Mosallanezhad; Structure of ADAFs in a general large-scale B-Field: The role of wind and thermal conduction
Shu-jin Hou, Tong Liu; Is There a Relation of the Duration and Eiso
M. J. Kim , S. S. Lee; Monitoring of the 3C 84 inner jet region with the Global mm VLBI Array (GMVA)
Katherine Alatalo, Timothy Davis; Molecular Gas, AGN Feedback and the Unusual Case of NGC 1266
Volodymyr Kryvdyk; Generation of particles, photons and neutrinos in magnetosphere of collapsing star
Yi Liu, Jun-Hui Fan; A Variability Study of Long-term Optical Data of OJ 287
Yi Liu; Multifrequency VLBA Polarimetry of GPS Quasar OQ172
Shiyan Zhong, Peter Berczik; SMBH in Galactic Nuclei with Tidal Disruption of Stars
Rodolfo Angeloni, Francesco Di Mille; A systematic search for flickering in southern symbiotic stars
Tae Seog YOON, Soo Hyun KIM; Spectral Line Variations of Several Symbiotic Stars and Its Interpretation
Chatief Kunjaya, Putra Mahasena; Contribution of Advection Process in SOC Model Causing the Appearance of Lognormal Distribution in Emission
Elodie Choquet, Pierre Kervella; Probing the stellar wind geometry in the high-mass X-ray binary Vela X-1 with infrared interferometry
Yasufumi Kojima; Magnetic field evolution in magnetars and its implication to accreting system
Gabriel Torok, Andrea Kotrlova; Confronting the models of 3:2 QPOs with the rapid spin of the microquasar GRS 1915+105
Zdenek Stuchlik, Andrea Kotrlova; Multi-resonance orbital model of high-frequency quasiperiodic oscillations: possible high precision determination of black hole and neutron star spin
Guangyao Zhao, Yongjun Chen; Multi-epoch VLBA observations of 3C 66A
Atsushi Miyazaki, Masato Tsuboi; Time Lag in Sgr A* Intra-Day Variability between the light curves at 90 and 102 Ghz
ZHAO HAIHUI; Radius Constraint of the Recycled Double Pulsar PSR J0737-3039
Shengxu Yang, Zhongzu Wu; The arcsecond scale properties of 7 ultra-high-energy peaked BL Lac objects(UHBLs)
Zhongzu Wu, Dongrong Jiang; The radio jet of ultra-high-energy peaked BL Lac objects(UHBLs)
Stefanie Wachter; High Mass X-ray Binaries in the Mid-Infrared
Augustin Skopal; Accretion process powering the supersoft X-ray sources: A test with the multiwavelength modeling the SED.
Nadiia Pulatova, Irina Vavilova; Statistical study of kinematical and physical properties of the sample of isolated and no isolated AGNs of nearby Universe
Linda Strubbe; Insights into Accretion Physics from the Tidal Disruption of Stars
Vitalii Sliusar, Valery Zhdanov; Gravitational microlensing, extended source models and impact of binary stars: analytical and numerical approach
Hee-Won Lee Atomic Physics of Raman Scattered He II 4332
Roman Shcherbakov, Robert Penna; Constraining the Accretion Flow in Sgr A* by General Relativistic Dynamical and Polarized Radiative Modeling
Magdalena Otulakowska-Hypka, Arkadiusz Olech; IX Draconis: an unusual very active ER UMa-type dwarf nova
Andry Fitiavana RAJOELIMANANA, Phil Charles; Long-term properties of Be/X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Clouds
Maria Celeste Artale, Leonardo J. Pellizza; Synthetic high mass X-ray binary populations in a cosmological frame
Petr Hadrava et al.; Accretion of stellar winds in high-mass X-ray binaries
Yan-Rong Li, Jian-Min Wang; Cosmological Evolution of Spins of Supermassive Black Holes
Karri Koljonen, Diana Hannikainen; The multiwavelength spectral and timing properties of a major radio flare episode in Cygnus X-3
JinLu QU; The timing properties of Microquasar H1743-322
Matej Sekeras, Augustin Skopal; "On the accretion onto the white dwarfs in symbiotic binaries: A test with the Thomson scattering process"
Zuzana Carikova, Augustin Skopal; "Modelling the structure of the hot components in symbiotic binaries during outbursts"
Weiwei Xu, Chengmin Zhang; Accreted Mass of neutron stars and their evolution implications
Pei Wang; Neutron star structure with consistent nucleonic tensor interaction
Wei Wang; The cyclotron absorption features in neutron star binaries detected by INTEGRAL
Wen-Ping Chen, L. W. Hung; Optical and X-Ray Observations of Nova Eridani 2009
Ladislav Hric, Emil Kundra; Intermediate Polars and Accretion - V1223 Sgr and V709 Cas
Emil Kundra, Ladislav Hric; Study of accretion and pulsation of IU Per based on INTEGRAL and ground base photometry
Junhui Fan, Yi Liu, Yuhai Yuan; Center Black Hole Mass Determination for Gamma-ray Loud Blazars
Paul Callanan; The mass of the transiently accreting neutron star in FIRST J102347.6+003841
Su Yao; The cyclotron feature and period derivative detection in 2008 RXTE observation of 4U 0115+63
Zheng Cheng; Statistical study of Neutron Star masses
Dehua Wang, Li Chen; Statistical analysis on the morphological characters of twin kHz QPOs
Yuanyue Pan, Na Wang; Statistical Study of Binary Pulsars in Spin Period versus Magnetic Field Diagram
Chengmin Zhang; Spin-up of Accreting Pulsars and kHz QPOs in Binary Systems
Pradip Kumar Chattopadhyay, Bikash Chandra Paul; Relativistic Strange Stars with Anisotropy in Pseudo Spheroidal Space Time
Chuncheng Wang, Hongyan Zhou; Discovery of an unusual radio galaxy with a hybrid double-double and X-shaped morphology
Casey Schwarz; Radial Velocity Curve Models Provide New Insight into Cataclysmic Variable Accretion Disk Dynamics
Chow-Choong Ngeow, Nick Konidaris; The SED Machine: A Spectrograph to Efficiently Classify Transient Events Discovered by PTF
Hannes Breytenbach, Brian Warner; Modelling Quasi-Periodic Variability of Dwarf Novae in Outburst
Mercedes Richards, Alexander Cocking; Explorations into 3D Doppler Tomography of Interacting Binaries
Yanan Wang, Guoqiang Ding; Magnetic field Constraint of X-ray neutron star by kHz QPOs
Alexander Kholtygin, Andrei Igoshev; New-born neutron stars and millisecond pulsars: the role of the accretion
Ana Maria Nicuesa Guelbenzu, Sylvio Klose; Jets at small and large scales: a comparison of GRB and quasar outflows
Warren Reid; A multiwavelength investigation of newly discovered planetary nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Junhui Fan, Jianghe Yang, Yi Liu; Beaming effect in Gamma-ray Loud Blazars
Paul Callanan; IR spectroscopy of GRS 1915+105: phase dependent IR emission, and its implications for the black hole mass

Contact IAU Symposium 290: iaus290@bao.ac.cn